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Stronger By The Second is a community of life travelers that are here to walk alongside those that are suffering from a breakup, or separation, or divorce.

We have many different travelers with diverse backgrounds and life stories.  Each and everyone plays a part in healing and hope for one another.  The wisdom and love shared allow us all to grow stronger by the second!


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My name is Adam. I am a Divorce Survivor, Life Coach, and DivorceCare leader in the West Houston area.  I also enjoy being a single dad, software developer, real estate investor, entrepreneur, and a drummer. Over those past years, I have had the humbling experience of helping many people overcome the pain and suffering of break-ups, separations, and divorces.

Welcome to my blog!

Please be sure to read about my divorce journey.


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If you have found my blog and are looking for help with your struggles with divorce, breakup, or separation, you can contact me through Facebook. We can walk alongside you to give you caring, courage, and clarity on your road to healing.

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Welcome! We are glad you are here!

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