Divorce Journey | Part Two | We Started Off As Friends


We Started As Friends

Divorce Journey Part Two – I knew MyX from band and orchestra.  She was attractive, smart, fit the “ideal” high school girlfriend,  but she was not perfect. I did not believe in perfect girlfriends.


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Getting To Know MyX

She had a boyfriend the year we went on a school band trip to Florida.  This trip would be the end of her sophomore year, my Junior year in High school.  She was very flirty and fun to be around.  Towards the end of that year, she had broken up with her current boyfriend, so I asked her out.  She flat out told me no. Not rude or insulting, but just, no.  Okay, no big deal, I had thought to myself,  I have other girls that I can ask out if time allows. I had become so numb to the idea of dating that it was almost a school activity more than really getting to know these fantastic people.


The summer before my Senior year, her Junior year, she started to show up at my softball games with a familiar friend.  My thought was she was there to see another guy. I found it curious to see her so often during the summer months.  I noted it in my memory, but it did not make me think she was interested in me.


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My Senior Year

When school started in the fall, a familiar friend, came up to me and stated, “Guess who wants you to ask her out?”  I did not have anyone at that point in mind, so I asked “who?” His statement made me laugh, “MyX.”  I thought to myself, “What does she want to do? Turn me down in a public spectacle this time?” I didn’t think about her much for the next few weeks.


I kept seeing her around school, and my friend kept hinting that I should ask her out.  I didn’t expect much to happen, but I thought, I’ll ask her out. Maybe we’ll go out for a couple of weekends, and that will be that.


I remember walking up to her and very plainly asking her, “What are you doing this weekend?” she replied. “Nothing at the moment.”  I said as I’m turning to leave for class, “Good! I’ll call you, and we’ll do something this weekend.”   And I left it just like that.


I was surprised. MyX didn’t say no.


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Dating Begins

We doubled dated on our first date and continued beyond a couple of weekends.  Our social and school schedules meshed pretty well as we were in the band, symphonic orchestra together.  We started as friends that had a lot of common interests.  Our relationship lasted longer than any other girlfriend. I began to enjoy being around her.

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Divorce Journey Part Two We Started Off As Friends
Divorce Journey Part Two We Started Off As Friends

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