Divorce Journey | Part Three | Red Flags? What Red Flags?

Red Flag

Red Flags? What Red Flags?

Divorce Journey Part Three – Our high school was holding a regional band tryout ( Read Divorce Journey | Part Two ) on our school’s campus. MyX had met another guy [Guy#1] from another school through the band. I remember walking together across campus, holding hands with MyX, until this guy shows up in front of us.


MyX immediately, let go of my hand, almost as if to say, “What me? Dating this guy next to me? Nope, not happening” I was a bit crushed but was not completely shocked. This dating relationship had gone to well for too long, I thought.


I was sitting on some of the steps of our main campus building when a familiar friend of ours came up and asked where MyX was. I stated, “I don’t know, but I would not be surprised if she came down the hall with [The guy she let go of my hand for from another school].” Right as I said this, sure enough, right on cue, here comes this guy with MyX following right behind him like a typical lovesick teenaged girl.


The familiar friend, bust out laughing, but I didn’t find it funny at all. In the next few weeks and months, I still dated MyX but expected her to break it off soon.


I liked her too much to throw in the towel for some reason. I wanted to see if she would call it quits or not. We survived this “Intrusion” into our dating relationship, but my trust of MyX began to change. I felt she had cheated on me. She didn’t see it that way, but I felt betrayed.


Looking back, I probably should have broken the relationship off at that point, but I enjoyed being around MyX. Our relationship began to get back on track as the weeks passed.


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We went to prom together twice. She went to a prom in Houston with a friend that had moved there the previous year. I knew the guy she went to dance with, and he was a very nice guy. It bothered me a bit, but not as much as the band guy[Guy#1]. Our relationship moved on, but I started to notice MyX would develop, “Mini Crushes” on guys from time to time.


I would take note, they would bother me, but I would wait for MyX to end our relationship. It didn’t happen. I began to think maybe she loved me. Perhaps this could work. I hadn’t dated anyone like her before. Yes, she did the same “crushing on other guys” that other girls I dated had done before, but I chalked it up to it’s just her nature and what high school girls do.


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The year MyX graduated from high school, I knew our relationship was about to be tested. She was going to Baylor. I was getting ready to go to OU, but I was still in Jr College, close to my home town.


When MyX moved to Baylor, I was lonely but hopeful that if our relationship could handle long distance, it could last through anything. We had been dating for two years at this point. I remember traveling down to Baylor during her freshman year. It was her birthday weekend, and there was a social event on campus that I was going to attend with her. I meet some of her new friends and a new guy friend named [Guy#2]. MyX would leave me at this social event to talk and hang out with [Guy#2]. She left me just like Guy#1. She had that same lovesick puppy look to her when she talks to Guy#2.  Her leaving me there all alone was where I felt betrayed and discarded (again).


MyX would try to reassure me that he was “only” a friend.


SIDE NOTE: Later in life, MyX would admit that she had feelings for Guy #2, but the feelings were not returned [Emotional Cheating].


I was hurting and very confused if our relationship was going to survive. I remember sitting outside of MyX’s dorm room later that evening of the social and hearing the clock tower strike midnight. It was now MyX’s birthday. I remember being hurt, sad, angry, but all I could do was get up and walk away, but I managed to remember it was her birthday. I told her happy birthday and walked away from her as she was distraught as well.


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At that point, I remember thinking, it could be over, and I need to stop hanging on so tightly.


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