Divorce Journey | Part Six | The Omen

Shakespeare In The Park

The Omen

Divorce Journey Part Six – I decided to move to Edmond to be close to MyX and find work close by her college(  Read Divorce Journey | Part Five ).  She was very determined to finish her teaching degree at UCO. MyX was an excellent student, and I admired her drive and intelligence.  She was getting close to graduating, and I wanted to propose to her as soon as I could. I was working in Edmond and going to school in the evenings.  My work allowed me to save up enough money to buy her an engagement ring.  I was so thankful to have found a beautiful engagement ring for her and could not wait to ask her to marry me.


While MyX finished her undergraduate program, my family bought a business in the Tulsa area. I was needing to move soon to help them get it up and running. I needed to propose to her soon.


MyX lived next to a park in east Edmond. The park would host “Shakespeare in the Park” events during the beautiful weather months.  It was a lovely park with old oak trees and big green fields. It had an enormous outdoor stage that was used to host the Shakespearean plays. We would take walks during the warm months in and around the park.  I pictured proposing to her there one day. And propose to her I did! On that very stage indeed!   Unfortunately, like most Shakespearean tragedies of the time, the stage where I purposed burned to the ground not long after I had proposed.  I should have seen this as an omen of what was to come.


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Marriage and Move

June 3rd, 1995 a day I was thrilled to see.  We had survived! Our relationship had survived! She didn’t break up with me! I felt very blessed and humbled.   MyX had finished college but discovered soon after that she did not want to teach. She had picked up valuable tech skills while she was working for an oil company in Tulsa.  I wanted to start my own business in Houston, and with the help of her parents, we moved to the Houston area in the summer of 1996.


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Church Confessions

We started looking for Churches to attend on the West side of Houston.  Together we attended several and found one in Katy. It happened to be where our current Senior Pastor of Parkway Fellowship, Mike McGown, was the youth pastor.  We both saw what God was doing with the youth, and we both felt, if nothing else, we wanted our children to be a part of this church’s youth group.  There was a Sermon that was preached by the Senior Pastor, Charles Wisdom, that dealt with freeing yourself of guilt and confessing your wrong to get right with God.  I had been carrying the sin of my mistakes (many of them) for too long. There was hope MyX would confess hers at some point as well.


SideNote: She only confessed to the emotional/feelings of Guy#2  and a lesser known 4th Guy much later.


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Planning and Penance

It was time to confess my cheating.  I knew this was going to crush our relationship and could potentially end it.  Plans were made ahead of time to find a counselor and prepare for the worst. But, I so wanted to be right with God. I had felt very distant from Him over my cheating and emotional brokenness. My mind thought I  could handle what lay ahead.  I was completely wrong.


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