Divorce Journey | Part Eight | Foreign Affair


Foreign Affair

Divorce Journey Part Eight – It is late winter, 1998. MyX is traveling a lot more, and I was doing my best to keep things afloat when she was away.   She was starting to check out from the marriage emotionally( Read Divorce Journey | Part Seven).  That spring, MyX mentioned that the software her company supports, CompanyX, was sending some consultants over to the US to help on their upcoming projects.


She seemed very excited to receive the crew from overseas.   There was an eagerness, almost heightened anticipation to her attitude.  Looking back, it makes perfect sense that she was looking forward to meeting her affair partner in person, but at the time I was fighting my own battles at home and did not pay much attention to her new coworkers.


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Dinner Desperation

I remember coming home one evening while the new consultants were in town.   My eyes could see that MyX had this very agitated look on her face.  She stated,” I have to go. I’m meeting some people from out of town for dinner.”  I tried to get more information, but she was very impatient and said, “I HAVE to go!”   “Whoa!” I thought to myself,  “This is odd.”    She rarely is in such an agitated state and very short with me.  I chalked it up to work stress but noticed when she returned that evening from the dinner, and she was smiling, peaceful, almost joyful.   This behavior too seemed very odd. I noted it, but I saw no glaring reason to give it a second thought at the time.


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Anniversary Presents

In June, our anniversary month,  she traveled to Holland to attend a CompanyX conference.  I remembered that she would be in Holland for our anniversary [June 3rd].  I managed to track down a florist in the town she was staying and had roses delivered to her hotel room.  Now, MyX loved flowers. Sterling roses were some of her favorites.  I was excited to hear her reaction to the Anniversary flowers. I called her to wish a happy anniversary and to ensure she received the roses.

There was something odd about our phone call.  MyX was very disconnected from her answers.  It was almost like she was in some dreamy state.  She answered my questions with things like “yup” and “uhuh” but again, like she was not there mentally, emotionally.  I asked her about the flowers. Instead of her typical, “wow, they are amazing!” it was more of a  “yeah, they’re nice.” Nice?! Nice?? Nice!! That was all I could hear. Now, alarm bells were sounding in my head.


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Sixth Sense

Something was not right. I could not put my finger on it, but she did want to have anything to do with the flowers or me.  She did not even send me a card for our anniversary.  I had seen this before but was hoping it was just exhaustion and jetlag.

I would soon find out what Anniversary Gift she was getting for me.  It was a gift I never wanted nor expected.


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