5 Tips To Prevent Becoming A Disney Dad


Are you a Disney Dad?

Are you showering your hurting and broken children with emotionally distracting gifts? Trips to Disney, The latest and greatest toys and electronics? How long do you think that will work? Your children need only “Y-O-U!” They want you to invest in them: your time, your energy, your heart, your mind.

Here are 5-Tips to keep you from becoming a distracting Disney Dad!

1. Invest your time. Not your money. Understand your time is worth more than any ultimate, 12-star, Disney Week. Sit with your children and ask them about their hearts, their minds, their feelings. Be prepared to have some emotional hand grenades lobbed your way, especially if you were at fault of the divorce. Spend time hearing them out and be ready to apologize for you and you alone. They do not want to hear excuses or you pointing fingers. They are talking to YOU and you alone!

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2.Be their biggest fan! What I mean is know what they are doing in life. Attend every school, sporting, rehearsals, church events.. etc.. Be their biggest fan by knowing their hobbies, activities, friends, interests more then you know your own! This will make more of an impression than any temporary toy.

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3.Show compassion. Be willing to empathize with their lives. A dad showing real feelings to their children allows them to know you are human. Show them it is safe to vulnerable and that its okay to feel, deeply.

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4. Build them up! Be proud of your children. Save their pictures on the fridge. Celebrate the good grades on tests and report cards! Wear the ties they get you for Father’s day. Save the school programs. Keep the sporting event stubs. Take pictures together. Brag on them to others when they are with you. It will allow them to hear how much you deeply care for them.

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5. Be their dad! Don’t replace you with distractions. Don’t abandon them for you own life pursuits. Please don’t put them in the middle of you and your X. Don’t expect them to be your therapist or best friend. Don’t make them choose sides… etc… Just. Be. Their. Dad! That is all they want from you!

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