5 Tips To Find Immediate Support During A Divorce

Help! 5 Tips To Find Immediate Support During A Divorce

How To Find Immediate Support

Do you have a Support System to help you through your break-up,
separation, or divorce? If not, you need one fast! Here are 5-tips to help you find and set up a reliable support system to walk alongside you through the emotional storms of relationship struggles.

1. Talk to close family and friends. Family and close friends should be your first stop in setting up your support system. People that know you are always the easiest to talk to and share your current circumstances and struggles. If you are not sure how to bring up the subject with your family or friends, check out my 5-tips to help you explain to your friends, family, coworkers blog post. If you are estranged from your family and friends, not to worry, there are many other options listed below.

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2. Reach out to trusted co-workers or neighbors. Many of us hold down fulltime jobs and have households to run. We spend a lot of our time with co-workers and hanging out with neighbors. If you have trusted co-workers and neighbors, they can be willing listeners. Some may have traveled this same road you are on and offer sage advice on your journey forward. Be mindful of office policies or Human Resource requirements regarding personal life events, such as divorce. You may have an opportunity to add or drop employee benefits during this time.

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3. Find a support group. Many non-profit organizations, places of worship, city organizations, even neighborhood clubs offer support for those that are traveling the road of relational struggles. You may find the group support and the company of others, comforting. I found being a part of a group of divorce survivors gave me differing opinions and views that I would have been unaware of on my own. I was so encouraged by the support I received, that I became a DivorceCare leader for my local area. Find a local support group! If you don’t have a group in mind, check DivorceCare.org. You may find one in your area!

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4. Hire a therapist, counselor, or coach. Any of these options are worth their weight in gold if you find you are completely on your own. There are many therapists, counselors, and coaches that will offer reduced rates or even sponsorships if you are not in a financial position to hire one at their full rate. Check for non-profit counseling centers. If you would like to work with a divorce survival coach, I offer online or virtual coaching. Feel free to check out my Facebook page for schedule and appointments. ** If you have children, the above tips are great for them as well. Now if you do have children or plan on having children someday, tip number 5 is crucial!**

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5. DO NOT USE YOUR CHILDREN FOR SUPPORT OR THERAPY! Children are not equipped to handle adult struggles and situations. They only need love, reassurance and support of their life struggles. Keep them out of the fray! They will thank you for it one day!

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